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5 Ways Coronavirus Has Permanently Changed Our Beauty Habits

August 02, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

5 Ways Coronavirus Has Permanently Changed Our Beauty Habits

There is no denying that Coronavirus has upset almost every industry we can think of. The one I am most familiar with is how it has affected the world of Beauty. Why? Because I’m right in the thick of it both at work and in my personal life. I totally get it.

The virus hasn’t just shut our favourite beauty salons (leaving behind unwanted facial hair and damaged nails…Eek) but it has also significantly changed the way many of us approach self-care and beauty rituals at home.     

Beauty In Unprecedented Time

Indeed, for the better part of 2020, we have been given the gift of more time and more time alone which has allowed us to reflect on the importance of and implement self and personal care for both of its emotional and physical advantages. There is something to be said for re-investing in oneself and adopting new behaviours that positively reinforce self-care and love. Looking after yourself with some good beauty and wellbeing practices is a heavenly and positive way to do this.     


So, with Covid-19 tipping the entire personal care landscape on its side, our ‘new normal’ has also evolved to include some unexpected daily self-care and beauty habits that are most probably here to stay for the long haul.

Here are the 5 big beauty habits that have been permanently moved to the NEW front and centre of importance and let me say, they are all worth their time and effort to looking but more importantly feeling good in this unprecedented time of craziness!   

 1. NATURAL skincare brands are BIGGER than ever.

For those of us living through this major health crisis, there is no doubt that many of us are looking at how we are looking after ourselves and what we are putting into and onto our bodies.

As fruits, veggies, organic produce and vitamins have all been on the top of the shopping list, so too has been more naturally or organic-based beauty products that don’t pollute our bodies with unnecessary chemicals. Reconnecting with Mother Nature and all she has to offer is both a comfort and reassurance that we are treating our bodies well at this time.


2. Our HEALTH is in our own HANDS.

Once upon a time, we really did not give our hands lot of attention. Today, they are one of our important tools to prevent us from getting sick. The NEW ‘healthy hands healthy self’ rules include:

1. No more nail-biting
2. Frequent hand washing and sanitising
3. Singing the alphabet while washing your hands
4. Keeping your nails short to prevent bacteria and germs from thriving under them
5. Wearing gloves in public
6. More at-home hand and nail grooming

    While these new hand habits are absolutely essential, they can also make them look and feel really dry, wrinkled and well, older. So, some new additions to our beauty steps include restoring dry skin and getting our nails back into shape (with regular use of a good nourishing hand and nail cream & cuticle oil).

    I find myself pulling out my hand cream from my bag all the time! The bonus is, it has dramatically helped my nails recover from long term nail damage weakened from Shellac. Au Naturel nails have never looked better with our Total Care Kit for Hands & Nails.   


    3. SELF-CARE is a DAILY ritual.

      I wrote a blog a while ago in talking about the topic of self- care while in isolation. If you want to explore this area more, it is worth the read. Basically, the self-isolation component of this pandemic together with its health fears and its upset to our daily practices, it’s reasonable to feel a little down-and-out at times. A really good way to balance out those blues is by making an investment to yourself through self-care. Here is how:

      1. Keep your body in good health through food and exercise
      2. Feed your brain with knowledge to keep you inspired
      3. Keep a beauty ritual: rituals are grounding and helps us cope through uncertain times and ‘doing’ beauty makes us feel good.
      4. Pamper yourself: how does a bath and a good face mask sound?
      5. Treat yourself! New book, new skincare…whatever makes you happy!


        4. LESS is MORE with make-up.

          Covid-19 times have seen many people embrace a more natural appearance with an increased emphasis on look after their skin. However, putting a little something on can take away that sluggish feeling and bring back a little normalcy.

          Using Mineral make up is a great way to cover this (no pun intended) and multi-tasks as both a foundation, concealer and powder. It takes no time to apply, looks so natural, and is so good for the skin so it really does tick all the boxes! To learn more about the fab benefits of Mineral makeup.


          5. KEEP STOCK of your skin essentials.

            Each day when we open our news feed, we read about the potential ‘second waves’ of Covid-19 and how we could all end up back in our homes, self-isolating.

            The truth is, no one really knows what will happen on any given day and as some places have indeed experienced second waves of the virus, we recommend you keep a spare of your essential beauty and personal care items to see you through any surprises. A hint, don’t overstock, keep just enough for your next top up. A great way to do this and save is to explore the Origani Beauty-full Bundles. 

            So, to sum it all up, more of us are now balancing looking after ourselves and doing what we can to look and feel a little better, while also really not needing to go to the extra beautifying lengths we used to, pre-pandemic. Perhaps this unprecedented time has actually brought about better beauty habits that are worth our time, money and effort due to them ultimately being better for us…   


            Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup. Sustainable Luxury Without Compromise.