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Clean Colour: The Ultimate Guide to Origani's Mineral Lover Range

March 11, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

Clean Colour: The Ultimate Guide to Origani's Mineral Lover Range

The Origani Mineral Lover line of cosmetics (blushes, foundations and eyeshadows) do exactly this. And they also can add in a new form of versatility and impact.

When it comes to selecting the right brand, particularly from a mineral makeup line, there are subtleties in the formula and pigmentation that matters and helps shape your look. Choosing the right product that compliments your skin can elevate a look just by the nature of its quality in the finish and texture.

So, join us as we share the low-down on our Mineral Lover line. Prepare yourself to want every product in every shade!  

origani mineral lover


Mineral Foundation

What’s in it: Only the good stuff – with no fillers or synthetic ingredients, you can avoid unnecessary breakouts and irritation. Containing nutrient-rich minerals, , Zinc Oxide and Kaolin Clay, the foundations work to soothe, heal  and smooth!

Finish: subtly luminous, the formulas interact with light and bounces off the skin for a soft-focus effect – it is like a real Instagram filter!

Shades: 7

Why it’s special: The formula allows for effortless blending which enhances the skin in a lightweight, weightless manner. As mineral makeup binds to oils, it gives our Mineral Foundation natural water resistance (great when you sweat and work out too), delivering up to 12 hours of wear-time. Best of all, our formulas are free of talc, chemical dyes, binders and other additives – say hello to your new daily wear.

How to use: Prepare the skin with a good cleanser and moisturise that suits your skin type, follow with a primer and allow enough time to absorb. It is important to have a dry surface on application. Tap a little into the Mineral Lover Foundation lid, take your foundation brush, swirl and tap off the excess leaving a small amount on the brush. Blend evenly starting from the middle and work your way outwards in sweeping strokes. Tip: when applying, start with a small amount, then build up the desired coverage. Also start in the centre of the face and move outwards.


Mineral Blushes

Whether you are going for the subtle no-makeup-makeup look, or the bold, look-at-me colour, blush can add a natural-looking flush to awaken the skin and bring your complexion glow up a level.

What’s in it: Preservative and chemical-free, our blushes  are made of a unique blend of natural minerals that assist in diffusing light for the natural, healthy-looking flush. The star of our blushes is Kaolin Clay, a natural ingredient known for its non-drying, soothing properties which absorb excess oil And have great staying power.

Finish: Subtle radiance to enhance your natural glow, buildable from sheer-to-medium.

Shades: 3

Why it’s special: Its unique formula of Kaolin Clay and Zinc Oxide means the glow is better for you! The formula is developed to soothe the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, particularly those common skin problems such as acne, rosacea and eczema. Our Mineral Blushes will make you feel ever so pretty and feminine.

How to use:Apply to the cheekbones and blend towards the temple. the buildable formula allow you to choose your level of glow and colour intensity.


Mineral Eyeshadow

origani eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are one of our favourite ways to express our personalities and enhance the natural beauty of our eye colour and shape . The large range of shades means we can pick something that is truly special to us.

What’s in it: Formulated with natural ingredients, our Mineral Eyeshadow are  100% mineral.

Finish: The finish is versatile depending on your usage and desired outcome, read on below to find out more about the Mineral Lover versatility.

Shades: 18

Why it’s special: Made with fewer than 5 ingredients, you can be confidence in the clean nature of our Mineral Eyeshadow formula. Free of Talc and binders, the eyeshadow can be buffed on in layers for a colour that is as sheer or intense as you would like. With a wide range of colours, some which are incredibly unique, you can really show off your personality.

How to use: The versatility of usage from the Mineral Eyeshadow pigments are one of our favourites.

1. Creamy eyeshadow–slightly dampen an eyeshadow brush, follow with pigment and apply to the eyelid for an intense, creamy eye colour
2. Matte eyeshadow–mix with our Mineral Lover Primer for a matte look
3. Eyeliner–using an eyeliner brush, slightly dampen the tip, follow with pigment and apply around the lash line for definition.
4. Lip Colour – mix your pigment colour of choice with a lip balm or lip gloss
5. Nail Polish–add pigment to a clear nail polish and apply as you would
6. Body Glitter – mix with body lotion to create an all-over body shimmer


    Choose Mineral

    Mineral powders are a beautiful, clean advantage to the beauty and makeup industry. Free from synthetics, and potentially irritating ingredients, there is a major benefit to the ongoing health for your skin. It is important to remember that not all mineral makeup is created equal, Origani stands by providing the best.

    origani mineral lover

    Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.