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Our Favourite Morning Rituals for Fresh Looking Skin - All Day, Every Day

April 14, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

Our Favourite Morning Rituals for Fresh Looking Skin - All Day, Every Day

Cleanse and moisturise. That has been our daily mantra. Great skin takes preparation and consistency in order to “wake up like this”. By tailoring your skincare routine and products to combat and prevent issues and supplement your natural skin oils, overtime you will see the results to your glow goals. Today, we share a few of our favourite morning rituals you can easily implement into your day-to-day.

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1. Snooze away the stress

 We have all heard that we need 8 hours of restful sleep to perform at our best - this is not only true for our mind and body, but also our skin!

There are many things you can implement the night before to help ensure you get a restful night's sleep. We like to plan ahead by putting in a 3pm ban for any caffeine and sugar. Not only does this help with general health, but avoids any sleep disturbance.

Wearing blue-light blocking glasses in the evening, dimming down the lights and turning off all electronic devices at least an hour before bed also greatly improves our sleep. For a touch of luxury, add in that silk pillowcase and lavender infused eye mask. Trust us, your skin will be glowing with gratitude in the morning.


2. Find that healthy headspace

After a full night's rest, you will be much more inclined to wake up with a spring in your step. This is greatly important for your skin, a positive mindset (which increases endorphins) will help you radiate openness and optimism and naturally places a smile on your face - the best accessory to fresh skin!

Our top tip from finding that headspace is starting a gratitude journal. Start the morning with a glass of water with a dash of lemon juice (say hello to the detoxifying properties) and write out three things you are grateful for. 


3. Hydration is key

We have all heard it a million times, hydration is key! Recommendations stand at 2L of water per day to keep your body hydrated and your skin free of dry fine lines. The handy little workplace trick that has worked for staff at Origani is keeping with you, a 1L (non-plastic) water bottle, and making sure you finish the first litre by lunch time.

If you struggle with drinking that much water for taste reasons, add water-dense and flavoursome fruits and vegetables to your bottle. Blueberries, watermelon and cucumbers are always a hit. Or if you’re an overachiever, just snack on the fruits in addition to your water! 

It is also important to remember that while drinking ample water is important, using skincare that contains Hyaluronic Acid (natural moisture retainers) will instantly plump the complexion. To discover these products, check out Immortajell, which is dedicated to hydrating and plumping your skin, Immortajell Indulgence Facial Collection


4. Work up a sweat

 Remember that word ‘endorphins’? Yep they are also generated from exercise. Also, by working up a sweat, you are helping your skin flush out toxins and boost your skin’s circulation, which in turn provides a natural radiance!

Whether it is a brisk walk around a few blocks with your pupperino, a hot yoga class or a weights session, find a form of exercise you love so that it forms part of your morning routine. You will notice a vast improvement in your skin over time.

Just remember to wash your face with water and cleanser after each session, we personally can’t go past our Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser - gentle enough for everyday use.


5. Skin care, routine care 

A luxurious morning skin care routine becomes part of self-care to look forward to every morning. There is something calming and meditative about going through the steps and knowing you are doing best by your body for both the short and long term results!

Start your day (or after the sweaty work out session) by cleansing your skin, then apply a hydrating serum such as our Erda Firming Serum Concentrate, follow with a nourishing moisturiser and of course, SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Your skin will love you.  


So there you have it. We totally understand how busy life can get and sometimes a step or two slips out of our hands. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just hop straight back into it the next day because we have harped on and on about it, the industry secret to beautiful skin is consistency! 

Do you remember the mantra? Cleanse and moisturise! Cleanse and moisturise! Cleanse and moisturise…


Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.