Why Active Ingredient Concentration Matters In Skincare

November 18, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

Why Active Ingredient Concentration Matters In Skincare


We all know that what’s in our skincare matters, but the concentration of ingredients is often overlooked. When selecting our serum, moisturiser or any other treatments, we’ve probably all been guilty of simply assessing our options at face value. But that isn’t how you’ll get the best results, or value for that matter. There’s no point using a Vitamin C serum that’s only got a 0.02% active ingredient concentration for instance. And sure, that product may feature AHAs and BHAs on the ingredient list, but they’re not going to do you much good if they’re at the bottom of the recipe and far outweighed by other, less beneficial inclusions (like fillers). Another aspect that must be considered when assessing the effectiveness of a skincare product is whether it is biocompatible. More on that below...

Today we’ll be looking at both active ingredient concentration and biocompatibility and exploring why these elements are important.

What Is Ingredient Concentration And Why Does It Matter?

Think of your skincare like a glass of cordial. If your glass contains mostly cordial, you're going to have a strong flavour. As you reduce the concentration of cordial in your glass, you also reduce the flavour. In other words, you're lowering the effectiveness of the product as you dilute it. The same can be said for the active ingredients in your skincare. The lower the concentration, the less effective your product will be. Now, we're not saying you should go hunt down pure AHAs to smooth over your skin or crush up vitamin tablets and use them instead of your serums. In fact, this is probably one of the worst things you could do. What we are saying is that you need to look at the ingredient list and ensure that your actives are as close to the top as possible and included in a biocompatible manner.

What Does Biocompatibility Mean?

Biocompatibility simply refers to whether the ingredient is in a state where it will happily work alongside your body. In other words, can it be easily absorbed and utilised via your standard biological processes? Therefore we can conclude that if your ingredients are biocompatible, this means that you will have better absorption and more efficient results with smaller amounts of product.

Whether or not an ingredient is biocompatible is quite important for your skincare routine as it won’t matter how high the concentration is if your body cannot absorb the things that you need from your treatments. 

How Can I Check Ingredient Concentration?

Most formulations will note the concentration of each component on their ingredient list. Simply check the packaging or manufacturers website.

How Can I Tell If My Skincare Uses Biocompatible Ingredients?

As a general rule you want to check what state the active ingredient you desire is most easily absorbed in and make sure that that is the state that it is in within your skincare. This can be done by Googling the scientific name and state of your required ingredient and then cross checking it against the ingredient list of your treatment.

What Makes Origani Different?

At Origani, our skincare is packed full of the good stuff. We focus on creating quality formulas that will help you achieve the skin transformation you desire, and we believe the best way to do that is by having a high concentration of the ingredients you need to get the results you’re after. We also ensure that all ingredients that are included in our skincare are in a biocompatible state meaning that you get the most out of your treatments while being able to minimise the amount you need to apply. This is great for your pocket as well as your skin since your products will last longer and give results just as good, if not better, than those provided by treatments that require thick layering. 

Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup. To learn more about our story, our brand pillars or the bioactive technology that we use in our skincare, please click the relevant links.