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The Power Of Nature In Its Purest Form: An ‘Essential Oils’ Overview

August 04, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

The Power Of Nature In Its Purest Form: An ‘Essential Oils’ Overview

You may have read our recent blog on the benefits of Tea Tree oil. Well, we got quite a few requests to give our readers an overview of essential oils in general. It seems that their appreciation, fascination and usage is coming right back into the front line of the health and wellbeing movement. So, if you want to know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of why they are one of Nature’s finest gifts, keep reading!

As you know, at Origani, we live and breathe everything natural. From burning beautiful combinations of essential oils in the office space to provoke creativity to using them thoughtfully in our natural and organic product formulations, we adore absolutely everything about them.


The history of essential oil usage of mankind has been well documented – being embedded into many of the cultural and traditional practices of almost all societies for the last 6000 or so years. From medicinal and health reasons to beauty and overall eastern wellbeing practices, the healing powers of essential oils have been wonderfully celebrated through time.



Essential oils are highly potent chemical compounds found in plants. In short, they are essentially the ‘essence’ of the plant. Another way to think of it is that are the liquid form of the plant. This potent juice (oil) of the plant is believed to be its botanical ‘life force’ or ‘energy’.



Essential oils are extracted from plants (leaves and flowers) in two predominant ways;

Steam distillation: the most popular method, steam is injected into the plant to release its aromatic molecules. From this floral vapor, the essential oil is then separated from the water.
Mechanically cold pressing: with no heat needed and usually used in the extraction of oil from citrus fruits, the fruit is force-pressed and the oil is squeezed out from small sacs found in its rind.



    There are primarily two ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

    1. Aromatherapy (aka essential oil therapy), the science of smell, is the holistic treatment therapy that uses plant extracts to treat health and wellbeing concerns. Smelling these essences can interact with your body in a multitude of ways: When the oils are evaporated into the air, our olfactory system is stimulated triggering the part of the brain connected to smell to awaken. The limbic system is then affected (the part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, hormonal balance, memory and behavior etc.) This explains why certain smells allow you to revisit moments etched way back in your memory!   
    2. TOPICAL APPLICATION. Though skincare, massage and bathing, essential oils can be absorbed by the skin. Remember, these oils are incredibly potent and they always need to be diluted with carrier oil when applied. Also, only a couple of drops are needed – a little goes a long way.



      Origani use essential oils in their products due to various advantages they offer to the skin. Depending on the essential oil used, the benefits include and are not limited to;

      • CLEANSING/PURIFYING: Dermassure products for oily and problematic skin are infused with antiviral and antimicrobial oils to ward off bacteria and prevent breakouts. (Tea tree oil, sandalwood essential Oil, argan kernel oil, clove leaf oil, Rosa damascena (rose) flower oil)


      • PROTECTING: Erda products are infused with antioxidant-rich and hydrating oils to prevent dehydration and premature ageing (jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, olive fruit oil, lemon fruit oil, Ylang-Ylang essential oil)


      • REGENERATING: Ageless by Nature products use stimulating, repairing and energizing oils to keep the skin younger looking and healthy (babassu oil, green caviar oil, camelia oil, rosehip oil) 


      Additionally, essential oils are a great alternative to making our products smell irresistible, instead of using chemical fragrances. A beautiful sensory journey when using quality skincare makes you feel good and that is important to us.



      Ageless by Nature Green Caviar Super Natural Butter: Anti-ageing

      This multi-performing facial butter is literally everything your skin needs! Our hero product contains an impressive 10 essential oils to deeply nourish and rebalance the skin to its optimal function. Super-charging cellular health and instantly transforming the skin’s appearance, it is the ultimate anti-ageing, hydrating and re-energising skincare masterpiece.


      Erda Soothing and Reviving Night Cream: Restoring and Rebalancing

      Night-time is the perfect time to revive and restore your skin. A highly-concentrated formula with botanical extracts and exquisitely luxurious essential oils help detox, de-stress and restore your skin overnight. The added benefit of Lavender oil will aid in relaxing you into a deep sleep of peace and tranquility.  



      Did you know that there are nearly 100 essential oil types used, meaning that there is an oil for almost anything you can think of! Remember to always burn them properly and dilute them with a carrier oil when applying topically.  Here are some other ways you can positively incorporate them into your life:

      • 1. Freshen up your home by burning a blend of uplifting citrus oils
      • 2. Distress and relax by burning calming oils such as Bergamot, Chamomile, Neroli or Lavender
      • 3. Clean your home by adding in some drops of Eucalyptus oil to your cleaning practices
      • 4. Create your own signature fragrance by blending some your fave oils into a carrier oil
      • 5. Generate sleep by popping some drops of lavender oil on your pillow. Tip: peppermint is a good oil to use for snoring!
      • 6. Ease the severity of symptoms of winter illnesses (headaches, boosting immunity) by inhaling diluted Thyme, Frankincense and Geranium oils   
      • 7. Alleviate body aches and headache through using Eucalyptus and Rosemary with oils. Massage it through with our Pure Tranquility Body Butter.


      Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.