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Why High-End Beauty? An Origani Spotlight...

January 09, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

Why High-End Beauty? An Origani Spotlight...

Beauty experts and insiders are predicting 2020 to be another big year for luxury high-end cosmetics – the demand for such brands/products is growing by the day. Such assertions always bring up the inevitable questions about the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of why you would invest in high-end products.

So, how would industry experts and beauty enthusiasts most likely answer these questions when it comes to skincare in particular? YES, it does matter. The consensus is that our skin is only as good as the products we put on them. There is an overwhelming demand for more:

✓ Selective and targeted lines of skincare that ultimately deliver the results required
✓ Sophisticated skincare formulas that contain the highest concentrations of actives (with less useless fillers)
✓ Safer more chemical-free product options
✓ Of a luxurious and pleasurable beauty experience


     Why High-End Beauty-Origani Spotlight

    Why is Origani a high-end, high-quality skincare brand? 

    Origani truly stands as a unique, specialty skincare brand. Our products contain highly sophisticated biocompatible formulas using rare certified organic ingredients: We give your skin what it needs to be its best.

    We compliment this skincare experience with luxurious textures and botanical aromas designed to truly indulge your every sense.

    The short answer is that Origani is a premium quality-made brand. Let’s break down the components that make us a quality made brand...





    At ORIGANI, we understand that skin knows how to perform at its optimum when given ingredients that are organically formulated as they are closely biocompatible to you (the quality of not having toxic or injurious effects on biological systems).


    ORGANIC: Ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. They have been given the stamp of integrity by individual reliable certification bodies meeting rigorous certification checks.


    Organic products incur a greater cost to produce – in comparison to mass market entry -level priced products that are cheaper to make – for some important reasons: 


    1. RAW INGREDIENTS: Origani use costly raw organic materials, ingredients that come from natural sources, as opposed to lab synthesized ingredients that are often cheaper to source.
    2. MULTI-ACTIVE POTENT FORMULAS: Origani focus on the potency of our formulas. Our actives are used in higher potency with a higher quality grade. We also use as many actives as possible in one formula to treat multiple skin concerns and we deliberately leave out the unnecessary cheaper fillers.
    3. ADVANCED CHEMISTRY: Origani use the latest scientific delivery systems to ensure our actives go exactly where they need to go in the skin to get the very best results.
    4. COMMITMENT TO DEVELOPMENT TIME: Origani dedicates a great deal of time creating organic formulations that are stable, effective, have a longer shelf-life and feel beautiful to use. There is so much to cover, from verification processes to preservative efficacy testing but we are committed until the end to bring you the very best skincare preparations we can.


      These 4 principles that guide our formulating ultimately determine how effective the formula will be on your skin. For us, there is no alternative to high-performance. Only the best will do.



      We go to great lengths to make using Origani skincare a beautiful encounter. From the silky textures to the sensorial bliss of our formulas right through to the brands’ elegant aesthetic appeal on your bathroom shelf, we continue to strive over the many challenges of making organics an indulgent pampering experience.



      Being Australian Made, means having to be the best.

      • ✓ We draw from Australia’s rich indigenous botany to develop cutting-edge organic beauty products that are powered by the very best results.
      • ✓ We are bound by rigorous Australian standards regulating research and quality – governed by very discerning and demanding national food and drug regulations.
      • ✓ Home-grown, ORIGANI can support all product development from the ground up, and maintain stringent quality control.


      Our aim for this article was dissect how and why Origani is positioned as a high-end skincare brand. We hope you feel confident and assured that QUALITY is our driving force and how using a brand of this standard will reap long term healthy and glowing outcomes for the skin you are in.


      Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.